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Let's Do THIS!!!

Cristine Reynaert

Cristine Reynaert

Friends - gasp - I may actually try to RUN THIS this year!! In the past, I've volunteered at the event, but I think it's time I strap on my weirdo-looking-five-toe-barefoot-approximating-running-shoe(ish) things and GIVE IT A GO. FOR AN AMAZING CAUSE. WHICH I'VE TOLD YOU ABOUT MANY TIMES BEFORE. Or, if by some miracle I haven't: CASA works to pair kick-ass, dedicated as all-get-out volunteer advocates with some of the most vulnerable foster kids in the system. These advocates have court-backed authority to do a deep dive into a child's life -- school records, placement records, medical records, you name it -- on top of, of course, getting to know and simply BE THERE for the child. So that the child is fully seen and heard and known and cared for by at least one consistent adult in his or her life. The bare minimum that any child deserves. And then that CASA volunteer does everything they can, with their whole heart, to see to it that their CASA kid is being seen and heard and known and CARED FOR WELL by the system overall. And if that's not happening? They work TIRELESSLY to make it so. In a word, these volunteers are the BEST, the kids they work with are the BEST, and the Justice Jog is the BEST, so won't you please join me in supporting all three in one multi-tasking donation!!! (I know, I know: we're not supposed to multi-task, but here, I promise, you can do it AND feel great about it!) A million thank yous.

P.S. I don't love running. My little heart headband lies. I feel very, very negative about running overall. HOWEVER, maybe, for this, I can start to change my attitude? Or, at least, I'll display the little heart headband in order to fake it until I make it.


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Go, Cristine and CASA!
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Wishing you a great run. Thank you for all the work you do!
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It was the fifth reminder that did it. XOXO
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